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Learn what men want and how to get him to fall madly in love with you.

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What Men Want In a Woman
"10 Mistakes You Make With Men and How To Avoid Them"

1. Not Dressing Attractive For Men


Ladies, Rule # 1... To become the ultimate object of every man’s desire, you have to learn how to appeal to his senses.


Men are all about visuals.


They all want a girl who is visually stimulating, dresses sexy, and is very flirtatious.


Step 1: You need to learn how to dress for success.


Seduction is not about being good looking, it's all about looking good!


Men are not attracted to the way a woman looks, they're all attracted to the way a woman dresses.


Men are driven by 2 key aspects in their pursuit for a mate:


Sexuality and Sensuality.


We are all attracted to women who dress sexy, are feminine, act sensual, have confidence, like to flirt and have a very positive and outgoing attitude.


All guys want a woman who looks good.


The way you dress, screams confidence and screams attitude.


It is the best way to initially capture his attention and drive him crazy!


To understand the male psyche, you need to learn ...


What Men Want.   


Men are all attracted to 3 qualities about a woman:


1) The way a woman dresses

2) The way she talks

3) The way she behaves


This is step # 1. Dressing More Attractive To Men


Ladies, welcome to Valentines4life. My name is Alexander Hart. I am the head coach and am also an Image Consultant, Talk Show Host and a Certified Dating Coach with over 25 years of experience.


I have personally helped over 500,000 men and women become more successful with attracting, meeting, and dating the opposite sex. I am the only person who can show you how to look more attractive to guys and how to appeal to all his senses so he falls madly in love with you.




Because I am a man!


I can teach any woman how to drive a man crazy.


Men are attracted to certain physical qualities and I will show you how to create and accentuate those qualities.


It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, how much you weigh or how pretty you think you might or might not be.


I will personally give you a Makeover making you look more attractive to every guy you meet.


And, you will LOVE your new look because every guy you know, and every guy you meet, will be attracted to you.


They will be approaching you and chasing after you like never before.  


I guarantee it!




# 2: Not Seducing a Man Mentally


Ladies, please understand that Seduction is a mental process. Not a physical one.


You seduce him mentally by the way you talk, act and behave.


Remember men are driven by sexuality and sensuality in their pursuit for a mate.


It's 90% mental and only 10% physical.


The only reason why you need to look good is because men won’t respond to you if they don’t feel a physical attraction towards you.




Even if they don’t initially feel a physical attraction, the way you talk, flirt, tease, and behave WILL create a powerful physical attraction.


Have you ever met a guy who wasn’t very good looking but when he started to talk to you, he all of a sudden became good looking?


Better yet, have you ever met a girl whom you did not think was attractive at all, yet all the guys were always all over her?


This is not a coincidence Ladies.


This is how seduction works! Seduction is a mental process not a physical one.


Seduce him physically and he will be yours for 1 night.


Learn how to seduce him mentally and he will be yours forever!


I will teach you exactly how to talk, flirt, tease and behave so every guy you meet is drawn right into you. I will even show you how to make him fall madly in love with you AND how to get HIM to chase after YOU!


My Valentines 4 Life program will teach you how to appeal to his inner most wants, needs, dreams and desires.


It will teach you everything you ever wanted to now about men and how to drive guys crazy!


He will think about you. He will dream about you and he will lust for you...






# 3: Not Giving Him A Challenge


So many women are doing great with guys when all of a sudden, he leaves to pursue someone else.


So many women make the mistake of coming on to him way too much or way too strong.


They pay guys compliments and begin to pursue them.


A man will lose interest in you if he realizes that he can have you.


Men do not want you to want them and they don’t want it when its too easy.


Quality men, real men, the type of guy that all of you are attracted to .... want a challenge!


They want to be intrigued when they first meet you, they want to be blown away by you and they want to be kept on the edge of their seats...


They want a challenge!!




Because men live for the thrill of the chase.


The second we know we can have you, we will toss you aside or place you on hold and pursue another woman.


We will only come back to you if we got rejected by the other woman and only to please our own selfish needs.


Don’t let this ever happen to you again!


Give him a challenge when you meet him.


Tease him, pick on him, reject him, send him mixed signals and will be crazy about you.


Tell him you love him, you want him and you need him and he will run away from you!


My Love Program will show exactly how to have him wrapped around your finger within minutes of meeting him.


It will also teach you how to get any man to want and desire you AND how to get guys to chase after you!


I will even show you how to get your husband or boyfriend to lust, desire and worship you again. He will chase after you and pursue you like never before.


I will give you one secret that will change your sex life and sizzle the bedroom.




You have the power! Let me teach you how to use it… If you are in love with a man or find yourself falling in love with a man,


                                   Download my For Those Who Fall In Love DVD right now!


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                                    Buy Now and Get a Free 10 Minute Phone Consultation.




# 4: Learn How To Play The Game


Do you remember the last time a guy was overly pursuing you?


He was all over you, complimenting you, wanting you, desiring you...


How did it make you feel?


Exactly, you felt no attraction toward him.




Because you knew you could have him whenever you wanted.


Men behave the exact same way!


Human beings are pre wired to want what they can not have.


This is the entire premise behind the Valentines 4 Life psychology.


When you want them, they do not want you.


When you DON’T want them, then they want you.


This is the game!


You need to learn how to play the game.


It really is so easy to play this game Ladies. It’s even easier to win!




Because this is your game!


You all have something that all men want. That’s why you have the power.


It’s your destiny to win this game!


And, I will show you how…


There are 3 stages in the game:


The first stage - Begins when you first meet him...

The second stage - Begins right after you have sex with him... (after 4-6 weeks!)

The third stage - Begins when you get into a serious relationship with him..


Valentines 4 Life will teach you how to play the game and all 3 of its stages so he falls madly in love with you.


It’s not just about meeting and dating different guys.


It’s about finding true, passionate, sexual, LOVE and the one man that’s the right guy for you.


He may already be in your life.... I will show you how to wrap him around your finger and how to keep him so he doesn't run away or pursue other women.



# 5: Telling Him How You Feel Too Soon


Timing is everything when it comes to seduction ladies.


You must not tell guys or show them how you feel about them when you first meet them and you must not tell him how you feel about him too soon in the relationship.


You have to learn what men want and how to give it to them gradually so they don’t lose interest in you because remember...


Guys LOVE the chase!


How Do I Do That?  


- Do not come on to him

- Do not give him any compliments

- Do not tell him how you feel

- Do not act nervous when you are speaking to him

- Do not let him know where you stand

- Do not let him know what your intentions are

- Do not let him know that you are interested

- Let him be the one to initiate these things with you.

- Tease him and flirt with him. Then, all of a sudden, ignore him

- Look him in the eyes as you talk to him. Smile then look away.


Send him mixed signals. It will drive him crazy and he will love it!


I will teach you how to talk, act and behave so he wants you as soon as he meets you.


I will even show you how to make a guy you have wanted for months come around and chase after you! It really is so easy...





# 6: Do Not Give Out Your Phone Number Too Soon


So many women are doing so well. Then he asks for her phone number and they make the HUGE mistake of giving it to him way too soon.


Remember, guys love a challenge and they will do whatever it takes to get your phone number because ...


1) You are seducing him correctly. Making him work for it.

2) Men have big ego's.


How many times have you given out your number and he hasn't called?




Because you didn't make him work hard enough when he initially asked for your number!


Guys have huge ego's and most of time they're only asking you out to feed their own ego and take what's left of yours.


Next time he asks for your number say things like "maybe" or "we'll see' or "you're cute but I don't know if you're cute enough for me... yet".


Play with his mind. Play the game with him. Make him chase you!


Let him want and desire you, so HE pursues YOU.


That's how you create a powerful attraction with every man you meet.


And, set yourself apart from the other girls...


Say things like" I don't subscribe to the 3 day rule. If you want to go out with me, you call me tomorrow. I'm not like other girls.."


Men love powerful and confident women who they can't take advantage of and walk all over. And, saying simple, little things like that make you stand out above the other girls.


Who do you think he will call?


The girl who gave him her phone number right away or the girl who made him work for it?


Valentines 4 Life will teach you how to get a guy to want you, how to get a man to desire you and how to drive a man crazy for you.




                                        Call ME Right Now and I Will Tell You EXACTLY What To Do!






                                                               Only $19.95 For 10 Minutes!



# 7: Not Learning Which Men Are The Right Match For You


Ladies, in order to find the right man and in order to have a long, lasting relationship, you need to learn which guys are right for you.


So many guys are looking for the perfect woman to have a relationship with but have been hurt or scorned in the past by other women that they have put up a wall up and decided to stay away from commitment.


Or, they are afraid of commitment altogether because they have been forced into it time and time again.


These are usually the types of guys most women are attracted to because of the way they behave.


But never fear, ALL these 'bad apples' can be washed and converted into great boyfriends.


You just need to learn how...


There are 4 types of guys: 


1) The insecure or shy "guy"

2) The "nice"guy"

3) The cool, confident guy

4) The confident, cocky, player, prick!


Unfortunately, most women are attracted to number 3 and 4 but luckily my Vallentines 4 Life DVD will teach you exactly how to seduce and tame even the biggest players out there AND how to mold and shape them into the right type of guy for YOU.


I will even show you how to cheat proof your relationships and what steps to take to make sure he never cheats on you again even if he's the worse type of guy. Every man on the planet has an ideal woman that he will stay faithful too.


I will make YOU that woman!


# 8:  Having Sex With Him Too Soon


This is very serious AND one of the biggest mistakes women make with men.


Do not sleep with him too soon after meeting him.


You must make him wait at least 4-6 weeks before you have sex with him.


Men judge women by their interaction with them. If you sleep with him on the first date, he will assume you sleep with ALL guys on the first date and will categorize you as a ‘ho’ or a booty call.


He will not want to get into a serious relationship with you and will not respect you if he thinks of you as a ‘ho’.


You have to learn how to give him a little bit of yourself each time you see him so he has something to look forward to or else he will lose interest in you.


Men like to get excited when it comes to seeing the women they date.  


If you give him too much too soon, he will have nothing to look forward too. But give him just enough and do it the right way, he will not be able to get you out of his head!


I will show you tips and tricks that will drive him crazy!


He will think of you as a goddess and will never lose interest in you again.


He will be falling in love with you and not even realizing it.



# 9: Be Enthusiastic And Exciting In The Bedroom


Ladies, this is very important... Guys love women who are very enthusiastic and exciting in the bedroom.


Remember, men love powerful, confident women and they're all driven by sexuality and sensuality.


A shy girl in the bedroom or during intimacy is a BIG turn off to most men.


That's why guys love to pursue promiscuous girls. Because they think to themselves "wow, she would be amazing in bed".


Did you know that every man you have ever met in your entire life, at some point, has thought to himself whether he would have sex with you or not?


Believe me, its true!


He has even imagined how you would be in bed. Sometimes within seconds of meeting you!


This is how men are ... These are the thoughts that go through our minds.


Now, that doesn't mean you have to sleep with the guys you are attracted to right away to keep their attention.


On the contrary, it means they will have so much more to look forward too and will actually wait to sleep with you, because their imaginations will run wild thinking, erotic thoughts about you, leading to them to inadvertently falling in love with you.


If you want to wrap him around your finger and get him to want to see you over and over again, AND make sure he doesn't go elsewhere, you must give him that excitement he so desperately seeks in a mate.


You have to be enthusiastic, exciting and amazing in the bedroom!


Simply put ladies... men want a woman who is a lady on the streets and freak in the sheets.


I know you don't want hear this but guys love girls who are slutty and uninhibited in the bedroom.


Now, most women are not porn stars and it doesn't matter if you are not great in bed, or do not know how to do all those things men like. (although I will teach you)


All that matters is that you have a positive attitude, have a lot of enthusiasm and are very excited in the bedroom.


You have to be passionate about pleasing your man.


Guys love it so much when women initiate the intimacy. They also love it when you encourage them and tell them what you like and how much you are enjoying it.


If you want your man to be yours and only yours, it is imperative that you please him both mentally and physically in the bedroom.


  # 10: Seeking Help To Become The Woman That Every Man Wants


Ladies, in order to become the woman that every man wants, you need to get the proper guidance from a professional who knows WHAT MEN WANT.


So many women have no idea where to turn so they ask their girlfriends or they turn to outdated magazines or ask their guy friends and get steered in the wrong direction.


Your girlfriends don't know or else they would be married to a millionaire and having passionate sex all day long. (that will be you soon!)


Neither do your guy friends or else they wouldn't be your 'friend'.


As I am sure you are well aware, I have been teaching men how to meet women for years. I am an Image Consultant, a dating coach and a psychologist.


I am probably the hardest guy to tame and the most impossible man to seduce because I have the ability to get any woman I want, anytime I want.


There have only been a handful of women in my lifetime that were able to use my game against me.


And, let me tell you... it worked!  I still have feelings for them!


I have met so many amazing women who lacked the qualities to become my dream girl because they did not give me the mental challenge or stimulation that, as a high status male, I needed.


I am now going to give you all my secrets and teach you how to have ANY man you want.


Because if you can make ME fall in love with YOU, you will be able to make ANY man fall in love with you.


Keep in mind, everyones situation is different and in order to achieve the level of success you desire, you need some personal guidance from someone who knows exactly what men want.


I speak to each and every woman personally and guarantee you that I will help you every step of the way.


You can call me, toll free, right now and I will be happy to get you started.


Simply call (888) 600-2167 and press option 2 for Alexander Hart.


I will answer the phone!


I will personally coach you over the phone and help you regardless of any situation you are in.



I can make any man fall back in love with you by sending him 1 simple text message!


And, believe it or not, it really is that easy...



If you enjoyed my free tips and were able to identify with them, imagine what an amazing impact my For Those Who Fall In Love DVD will have on you?


Do not procrastinate any longer. Find the man of your dreams. Get the love of your life back, get the power back in your relationship, and ignite that flame once again!


My DVD Program has now successfully worked for every single person that has completed it.


I have an amazing 100% success rate because I speak with each and every woman PERSONALLY and I fully guarantee your success or your money back!


I offer an unprecedented 6 month money back guarantee and you know what... NO ONE has EVER asked for a refund because they have all achieved the results they wanted.


And, I GUARANTEE you will too.


It is impossible for you not to because I will be speaking to you over the phone and I guarantee results!


Simply download my For Those Who Fall In Love DVD and take advantage of the free 10 minute phone consultation with me.


If you are not completely happy within 180 days, call me and ask me for a full refund.


Don't wait any longer, You have NOTHING to lose. Take what you want and get the man you deserve!


"Life is a series of choices ladies,

the choices you make, decide where you end up."


Make The Right Choice ...   


Download My Seduce & Conquer Program Right Now ..


This DVD will teach you  all about what men want. What men want in a woman. How to get a guy and how to find true love. ORDER NOW!


                                  Download my For Those Who Fall In Love DVD right now!


                                                                      Only $44.95













PS. Do your friends and family a favor and share this page. It may very well be the best gift they ever get from you.




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