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Dating Advice For Women - Phone Consultations with the best Dating Coaches and Dating Advisors on the Internet

Package 1- Dating Advice For Women - Phone Coaching


      $19.95 for 10 minutes



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Package 2 - Dating Advice For Women - Phone Coaching 


$99.95 - 1 hour of talk time plus the DVD



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Package 3 - Dating Advice For Women - Phone Coaching


$575 Unlimited phone coaching for one month plus the DVD 

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We provide the best Dating Advice on the Net and will help you in any situation you are in.
These are just some of the topics we cover during our phone coaching sessions:


• How to become the woman that all men desire

• How to become more attractive to men

• How to look as attractive as possible

• How to look sexy for my man

• How to give yourself a Hollywood Makeover

• How to become sexier to your man

• How to look and behave like a confident and empowered woman

• How to look younger and/or how to look more mature
• Quick, easy tips on how to improve your looks and get into shape fast.

• How to make your body look more attractive to men with little or no exercise

• How to take your best physical qualities and accentuate them
• How to lose weight quickly
• How to gain weight quickly
• What make up products to use that are right for you

• How to choose the best hair and make up style for you
• How to whiten your teeth
• How to get ready before you go out and how to look sexy so guys approach you
• How and which perfumes to use. How to drive a man crazy.
• How to attract and seduce men using the four senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch
• How to present yourself for guaranteed success
• How to look your absolute best!

• How to get a guy to kiss you
• How to create a special moment between you and your date
• How and where to touch him
• How to seduce a man in the bedroom

• How to have better sex

• How to tease a man to make him want you

• How to flirt with men

• How to become more of a flirty girl

• Flirting tips

• How to dance for a man

• How to strip for a man

• How to use your sexuality and sensuality

• How to become the woman that all men want
• How to give him amazing orgasms every time and in many different ways
• How to fully please your man in the bedroom

• How to give great head

• How to have great sex

• Oral sex tips

• Sex tips

• How to get my man to initiate sex with me

• How to seduce a man
• How to captivate his mind and enchant his soul
• How to create a magical moment between you and your man

• How to attract men

• How to seduce men
• How to talk to a man

• How to play the games men play and how to win
• How to make a man want you

• How to get a man to chase you

• How to get a guy to call you

• How to get a guy to text you
• How to get a man to approach you

• How to date men

• How to find true love

• How to get a guy to ask you to marry him
• How to have a romantic relationship

• How to make your man more romantic

• How to have a better relationship

• How to fall in love
• How to use the tone of your voice to get what you want from him
• How to trigger a mans emotions
• How to use your personality to leave a lasting impression
• How to get a man to pursue you
• How to get a man to want you back

• How to get an ex boyfiend back

• How to get your husband back

• How to get a man to be faithful

• How to get a man to stay faithful
• How to get a man respect you
• How to create chemistry with a man
• How to get a guy to look at you

• How to get a guy to notice you
• How to get a guy to fall for you
• How to get a man to fall in love with you
• How to read a mans body language
• How to get a guy
• How to get guys attracted to you
• How to get a guy friend to want you
• How to make a man want you
• How to make yourself look better than all the other girls
• How to get a man to to ask you out
• How to get  a man to ask for your phone number
• How to deal with rejection and how to deal with guys that are arrogant
• How to get a guy to fall in love with you on the first date
• How to get men to stop playing games
• How to control a man
• How to tame a man
• How to get a man to be faithful to you
• How to get the power back in your relationship
• How to get your husband to love you again

• How to get your husband to want you again

• How to turn your 'friend' into your boyfriend
• How to wrap him right around your finger
• How to tap into his inner most thoughts, dreams, wants and desires
• How to get a man to fall madly in love with you

• Dating advice for women

Dating tips for women

How To Become The Girlfriend That Every Man Wants


1. You encourage him to pursue his goals and dreams. You motivate him to be the best he can be and you trust him to make the right decisions. You give your opinion but don't push your ideals on him. You are the cheerleader, not the coach. You knows what you want in life and you dont change your values or goals to tailor fit him. You are both on the same path regardless if each of you are pursuing different dreams.


2. You never try to make him jealous. You respect him and your relationship with him. You are very secure with yourself and your ability to recognize how valuable you are. You don't need play games, you always tell him exactly how you feel.


3. You don't think of yourself as a princess and expect him to treat you like one. You demand that he treats you with respect and only because you are a person he loves, not because you are a woman and are therefore magically entitled to everything. Just as you would expect him to treat his friends and family with respect, you know he wouldn't treat you any other way. A high quality woman and the type of girl every man wants wouldn’t be with someone who was disrespectful to the people that are the closest in his life.


4. There is a part of your life that doesn’t involve him. Friends, hobbies, career, whatever it may be. You are confident and independent enough to not need his involvement in everything you do.


5. You know how to handle yourself in different situations. You're mature enough to make a good impression with his colleagues and wise enough to know letting loose with his friends and having fun doesn’t mean syou're immature.


6. You take care of yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it means you are always improving and you motivate him to do the same. You guide him. You never tell him what to do or to do it. You allow him to make up his own mind and decide for himself if he wants to join you..


7. When you are in a situation where you don’t know people, you introduce yourself confidently and don't cling meekly to his side waiting for him to facilitate every social interaction.


8. You are not shy about sex and very open to try new things. Enthusiasm is something you do not lack whether it comes to kissing, sex or oral sex. If you really don't want to do something, you at least show him that you willing to try. Your sex life with him is as good as it gets because you are truly putting yourself out there for him and he feels and appreciates it.


9. You have opinions and can talk calmly and non-hyperbolically about them. If you disagree with him, you can have a conversation about it without anyone raising their voice. You would never joke with his friends or family (or worse, your friends or family) about how men are “stupid” or childish, or whatever “happy wife happy life” mantra you’ve heard women use to put down the partners they love.


10. He feels lucky to be dating you because you know you would never date anyone just to date them. You aren't afraid to be single and you're self-sufficient.


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